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We have all dated an extreme flirt like Little Lorie before at some point in our lives. My own Lorie did the whole punch me and act like she didn’t like me, but then couldn’t stay more than five feet from me at all times.

Once while we were at her house she kicked all of our friends out so we could have some alone time. She always acted kind of coy so I wasn’t sure what was up.


Little Lorie asked me if I wanted to play the show me yours and I’ll show you mine game. I figured something had to be up and I did a quick scan for web cams or prying eyes from outside her window.

She wanted me to take off my shirt first before she pulled off hers so I did. In return I was rewarded with a spectacular view of her pert boobs. There was nothing I could do to hide my hardening cock and she took notice of it smiling.


It was time to pull off the bottoms and I had a trick up my sleeve. I told Little Lorie that she had to go first since I did the tops first. She bit and slowly pulled her bottoms down until I could see the crack of her pussy cleft. My cock went super hard and pulsed making her gasp at the site.

Being a nice guy I started to unleash my cock so she could see it. As the band of my underwear went down it pushed my cock down with it. Her eyes were mesmerized by the sight of my thick shaft. My own eyes were glued to her pussy lips as they came into view. Lorie shaved her pussy bald and what a site it was. It was super soft and I could see some glistening moisture towards the bottom.

My cock finally popped out of my underwear with a bounce. Little Lorie giggled and reached out to grab it…

From that day on we stopped inviting others over for our play dates after school!

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Since high school I have had a thing for Latina girls. I grew up on the white side of a farming town so both my primary and middle school education was spent with blonde girls with blue eyes. When I hit high school suddenly there were all of these brunette babes with thick booty and dick sucking lips walking around!

Girls like Little Lorie really got my cock pumping full of blood because they were so fucking sexy and dirty. Latina babes don’t care what other people are saying, they care about finding new ways to feel extraordinary orgasms!

Then there were the Latina girls Like Lorie’s friend with their bigger tits and their exotic looks. Trying to pin down their nationalities is almost impossible. Almond eyes like an Asian girl. Big booty like Brazilians. Boobs popping out like they are from Argentina. Usually they are all of the above!



Like I said… Latina girls get around!

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