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I never thought I would be here at my age jacking off to barely legal teens like Lorie, but here I am. The thing is, when I was younger, and my wife was that age, we were both in our prime, or so I thought. We used to fuck like jack rabbits and I still remember the taste of her sweet juices when I would go to town on her young puffy mound. I thought those days would never end.

As the years went by, we had our ups and downs, like any couples do, but for the most part we’ve always been happy. At a certain point though, she stopped being so interested in sex. She is still quite sexy for a more mature woman; her tits are still perky and she still has a tight round ass that I can’t help but slap every time I walk by her. She just doesn’t want to fuck like she used to.

I on the other hand am hornier than I’ve ever been. I thought me at eighteen was rowdy, well let me tell you, now I get hard at even the thought of a hot piece of ass. I think that’s what the appeal is with younger women. I remember how hot and wet my wife used to be at that age.

I found and it has been a game changer. I can spend time talking and playing with adventurous young women who share my desire for passion and excitement, and they can keep up with me!  As it turns out, they actually enjoy the company of an experienced man who can give them some tips of the trade as well and we both end up satisfied. I even told my wife about it, and because it’s free to join, she didn’t even care. In fact yesterday she jacked me off while I chatted with a hot young slut, so as it turns out, it’s been even better than I imagined.

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