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For sure stripping wasn’t the first thing AngelPinky and her parents came up with for her to make ends meet. But you know how life can have some crazy twists and turns. I just thank goodness that there is an Asian sexcam site like to help girls like Angel out!

Not that AngelPinky doesn’t have a kink-streak running down her back. She learned early on that if she talked to older men and the boys on her block with a higher pitched voice she could often get just about anything she wanted. If that didn’t work all she had to do was sit on a guys lap putting her arms around him pleading and it was all over. So becoming a girl that strips for a living really wasn’t all that much of a stretch. At least she doesn’t have to do couch dances.

Nobody in her family is complaining either. She just bought her parents a big house in the country and her uncle is now borrowing money from her instead of the other way around. It has been a decent turn of events.

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