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You have heard the old adage that states you can get something made well, made cheap and made quickly, but you cannot get all three of them at the same time so pick two. Well, with that is all about to change.

Now you can get instant access to great porn sites like Oye Loca and get it cheaper than ever before. Porn Tips goes out of their way to negotiate with the top porn producers to get you insane deals on porn sites. In this case you save 25% off the regular price!

Along with getting your porn for less you get reviews packed with information on what you will get once you are inside the members area. You will know if the sites supports your playback device like an iPad or an Android phone. They even tell you how many videos and photo sets to expect.

By using you are going to save cash and headaches. Which is a good thing because headaches and sex don’t mix well.

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Watch a torrent of Vivid videos

I would call this a stream of Vivid video at your disposal, but it is more like a torrent of Vivid videos in reality. You get to choose from all of them with a Netflix-like service that streams the hottest porn DVDs to your TV. It is aptly called FyreTV and it is going to make your nights a lot hotter than ever before.

DVDs have a lot of problems. For starters they are bulky. They give you away. My girlfriend found my collection once and she was like, OMFG! What a Fucking Pervert You Are!!! Why do you have over a 100 DVD’s? Who has this many? OMG!!!

Well, bitch… I collected those over a time span of twenty fucking years. So at 5 DVD’s a year I would say I am not THAT bad. But yeah… When you look at the size of the collection you kind of go… WTF?

On top of being bulky they can get damaged and you are screwed. To save space I would just stack them on to of each other. Soon dust particles scratched them to all hell and back. Now about 15% of my collection is unwatchable.

Not too mention DVDs are fucking expensive!

That is where your membership will really come in handy. Saving you cash. You will be able to store your collection online and avoid having a girlfriend thing you are some sicko. Plus, you can stream error free porn online right to your TV!

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