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At forty years old I think I am still quite young, but the coed babes that attend college next door to my house think I am an old fart. That is fine since they are all my daughters age. Funny thing is every once in a while one of them will come by and start chatting me up in my garage. The first time I figured it was just conversation. Then the girls started showing up in sluttier and sluttier outfits. Now I think it is pretty obvious these girls are looking for an older for younger sex romp!

After several times of turning this one girl down she finally made it painfully obvious, for my cock, that she was into me. She wore garters, stocking, high heels and a half cup bra while dancing on my pool table.

I found this video of Jasmine Tame doing just about the same thing that other girl was doing and I was shocked. My cock got harder than a crowbar just thinking about that tight teen pussy again.

You can view streaming porn videos online without paying a dime for them if you know where to look. I kind of just gave you a hint-hint right there. While there I also noticed a old video of Abbey Brooks. The younger version of her looks just like a friend of mine from high school. Now I have to go jerkoff twice!

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