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While we wait for Little Lorie to officially open lets talk about Selina 18. She is a perky tits nubile teenager in the Tiny Teen Pass network. With braces and a petite body Selina is about as barely legal as they come. She likes to be a princess, a naughty princess… And you can play along too!

Selina 18 reminds me of a girl I used to know back when I was much younger. She seemed like any other girl next door kind of girl. A goodie two shoes on the outside with a naughty streak down the middle. Her parents never knew just how naughty she was and this always seemed to work to my advantage.

Being that both of our parents thought of us as brother and sister we were left alone often. During many of these alone times we did things like play doctor. On one fateful day we decided to go skinny dipping!

I think this naughty little nubile had a thing for seeing my dick hard because she was always baring herself to me, but never completely naked head to toe!

She started off showing me her breasts and telling me that if I took off my bottoms she would take off hers. We were in the deep end so I figured it’d be OK embarrassment wise because my hardon would be so far under water she probably wouldn’t even be able to see it.

After we got naked she grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to the shallow end daring me to walk up the steps with her out of the pool. At first I tried to pull away, but the thought of seeing her smooth pussy so naked and dripping wet made a man out of me. I practically yanked her to the top step!

She reached out and grabbed my hard cock and I let her play with it knowing her horniness would eventually overtake her and then she would let me touch her pussy. Sure enough, after several minutes of working my cock she was ready and receptive to me rubbing her clit.

Soon my cock blew its load all over her tummy and leg. She practically jumped when the hot liquid slapped her skin, but then she seemed to become enamored with my goo. She asked if she could taste it and when I said yes I was surprised to see her method of tasting it. She bent down and licked it right off the head of my cock!

"I want to taste yours too!" I exclaimed.

She sat on the edge of the pool with her feet on the top step and let me tongue her clit. She hadn’t cummed yet so I was allowed to slurp up as much of her pussy cum as I wanted.

Eventually she put her hands on my head pulling me into her crotch while clamping her thighs on my ears. Just as she was about to orgasm I put a finger inside her tight pussy hole and instantly found her G-spot. I licked her clit and rubbed her G-spot in unison and her orgasm exploded like a cannon!

Her body pulsed and her legs clamped down on my ears painfully. The tightness of her pussy during each contraction was so immense I was kind of glad my dick wasn’t inside her at the time!

From that day on we stayed friends with benefits for years. We still hitch up to this day!

With a Tiny Teen Pass I can fill in the gaps of time between our getting together to relive the old times. With over 20 girls in the network it is easy to find a girl willing to play along in your favorite fantasy like playing doctor or fucking the babysitter!

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